Soheyla Amirian, Ph.D.

The main goal and purpose of the AMIIE Laboratory led by Soheyla Amirian is to conduct and promote fundamental and applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and education in solving real-world problems, ranging from health informatics to surveillance systems and security. We envision serving as a world-class leader in research, education, commercialization, and scholarship in applied AI.

Our group is a multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, informaticians, physicians, artificial intelligence experts, undergraduate and graduate students, and it benefits from several external collaborations with other academic institutions nationwide. Furthermore, our laboratory aims to provide high quality education and research experience in AI-powered algorithms at all levels from K-12 to undergraduate to graduate levels to develop a highly skilled workforce for Georgia’s economic and social development.

Soheyla Amirian, Ph.D.

Director, AMIIE Lab

Faculty Fellow, Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Faculty Lecturer, School of Computing

University of Georgia

Research Interests

  • Accountable and Explainable AI
  • AI Fairness
  • AI-Powered Healthcare
  • Computational Vision
  • Computational Text Analytics
  • Learning from Less Labeled Data
Soheyla Amirian, Ph.D.